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About our company

Our Mission

Panicles offers a unique discounted shopping experience for young women who want the latest fashion trends and hottest brands for far below retail prices.

Panicles, Ltd., is a small friend-owned and operated limited partnership located in South Florida and focusing on merchandising and distribution. Working through wholesale channels throughout the world, Panicles targets specific consumer niches and builds interesting and fun concepts.

Young ladies love to shop and have the latest fashion accessories, so Panicles brings a program where the member can spend less on the items the want and also share the deals with friends.

How do we keep shopping experience current?

  • FREE SAMPLES - Watch for these special deals for free items that are mailed to your home, such as razors, teeth shitening strips and exciting new fragrances!
  • Coupons – Print and use coupons for in-store shopping on beautfy products.
  • Links – Follow the link and your discount code is in your cache, ready to redeem.

Panicles has a very strong merchandising team of talented individuals with many years of experience with distribution channels. These connections enable the company to stay in the loop on the latest deals and discounts - passing that savings onto our members!

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