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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join PANICLES?

To join PANICLES, you have to complete the new member profile and you'll get a confirmation email link. Once you click the link, you'll be a member and able to login to begin browsing 1,000's of wonderful offers for beauty products and accessories. It's fun and so easy!

What is the cost to become a member?

IT'S FREE. Yep, PANICLES is free to join and the only payments requested are for merchandise purchased on the coupon websites visited.

Can I change the email associated with my PANICLES account?

On any page in the top navigation you will see "MyAccount". You can manage your preferences, wishlists, payment methods and personal information (including your email address) right there.

Is there a limit to how many offers I can use?

No. There is not limit to how many coupons you redeem or offers you use. You can also log in and share deals with friends, providing they register here also.

I have an expired offer, can I still use it?

Possibly. Visit the redemption link on the vender's website and try the code youhave. If it doesn't work, look for their support contact and ASK. It never hurts to ask.

Can my friends and I share coupon on facebook?

Yes. When you share a deal on a social website, your friends will be linked back to this website to become a member (like you) to see the deal you're sharing.